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With the Harvard Business review estimating that $35 billion is lost every year in excess healthcare expenditures, the time has never been more urgent to ensure that diversity and unconscious bias training reaches everyone in the healthcare industry, especially as many states pass legislation requiring implicit bias and anti-racism training for healthcare providers.  

Our training solutions were born from Anu’s work bringing bias-breaking tools to the medical field. His research was funded by the National Science Foundation, New York State Health Foundation, and the American Heart Association to develop our science-backed method to drive equity and inclusion in healthcare delivery. 

For over two decades, Anu has synthesized research from law, history, sociology, and adult learning to design the BE MORE Journey. Our science-backed approach walks healthcare organizations through a training roadmap that lets you begin at the right place for your team and work at the pace that supports your learning.

We can help your healthcare organization reach its DEI commitments

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